© PETER GEBAUER, Einhausen, Germany

Herzlich Willkommen !

          Welcome !

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow owners,

My name is Peter Gebauer, married to Ilse, with one daughter, Jessica. I retired as “Director Air Traffic Control“ of DFS (FAA-Germany). Since 2009 my wife and I have been spending approximately five months each year at Imperial Point Colonnades (IPC); we live in Building #1. Since the beginning of our presence in IPC, I have been engaged in several activities, especially regarding owners` communication and strategical matters, also as a member of the Long-Range- Planning Committee. I also have been serving as  board-member since 2016. On the following pages, I would like to give you an overview of my person, personality, and goals respective IPC.
„First steps are undertaken, but we have still much room for improvement“ !